Wall Street rally goes on

1 Karachi Stock Exchange closes higher 300x225 Wall Street rally goes onAgain Wall Street investors had to process a large amount of business results from leading companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Ford and Procter & Gamble (P&G).

The Dow Jones Index stood at the end of trading 0.8% up at 16.805,41 points. The broad S & P 500 rose 0.7% to 1.964,58 points and the Nasdaq climbed 0.7% to 4.483,71 points.

Microsoft went up 2.5% after the software company Thursday after market published a better than expected sales figure. The consumer products company P & G reported that it says farewell to battery maker Duracell and rose by 2.3%.

Furthermore, came courier company UPS with better than expected earnings. UPS showed a slight increase.

Internet Trader Amazon lost 8.3% after writing deep red figures as a result of large investments in future growth. Amazon quarter posted net loss in the books of dollars, more than ten times the loss a year earlier. 437 million Disappointing forecasts were also given for the holiday season.

The share of carmaker Ford Motor (minus 4.3%) was also under pressure after disappointing quarterly results. The group reported a lower profit, partly due to recalls in Europe. And rising losses Colgate-Palmolive lowered its profit forecast for the full year, but still scored 0.5 percent higher.

New homes
The US government announced on Friday that sales of new homes grown slightly in September. The sales of August, however, were revised downwards.

The euro traded at 1.2668 dollars, against 1.2670 dollars at the close of European trade. A barrel of US oil was 0.8% lower at $ 81.28. Brent fell 0.6% in price to $ 86.25.