Technology driving force on Wall Street

8A Women and Technology Can Equal Success 150x107 Technology driving force on Wall StreetWith good quarterly results the technology powerhouses Google, Microsoft and Amazon took the US stock markets in tow on Friday. At the end of trading all three indicators showed light profit.

Nasdaq, S&P500- and Dow Jones
The Nasdaq, which closed Thursday for the first time in fifteen years on a new record, was 0.7 percent higher at 5090 points. The S&P500 invreased 0.2 percent and reached 2116 points. The Dow-Jones index rose 0.1 percent to 18 070 points.

Producers of durable goods
Before trading was announced that US producers of durable goods received 4 percent more orders in March than a month earlier. This increase is much stronger than expected, economists counted on average 0.6 percent.

Technology powerhouses
Last quarter Google benefited of strong advertising sales. The share was 3.3 percent more valuable. Software giant Microsoft and Amazon webstore also surprised with their quarterly results and received 10 and 14 percent respectively.

Microsoft was by far the largest gainer among the main funds in New York. Fast food chain McDonald’s followed at a respectful distance with a price gain of 1.7 percent. At the bottom of the Dow stood Boeing and oil company ExxonMobil both lost around 0.9 percent.

It was not only hosanna in the technology sector. Printer Manufacturer Xerox lost nearly 9 percent after a profit warning. The company has been suffering from the high dollar. Well back in the taste were the results of American Airlines (plus 3.1 percent) and coffee chain Starbucks (plus 5 percent).

Euro and oil
The euro traded at the end of the US stock market for $ 1.0865. The price of US oil fell 0.9 percent to $ 57.22 per barrel. Brent oil was 0.7 percent higher and noted at 65.32 dollars.