Number of worldwide billionaires grown fast

ILWU NRF NAM billions dollars shutterstock 142729792 600 300x225 Number of worldwide billionaires grown fast

Billions of Dollars

The number of billionairs in the world has grown in the last 12 months until July to 2.325. This is an increase of 155 superrich people since the year before.

These figures where presented by the Sweiss UBS bank and research form Wealth-X last Wednesdey after the yearly investigation to the number of billionairs.All Billionairs together are good for a wopping 7.3 trillion Dollars. They possess nearly 4 percent of the global capital.

Especially in Asia, the number of welthy people is growing substantially, by an increase of nearly 19 percent, compared with a global increase of almost 12 percent. The number of billionaires in the Far East, went up by 10 percent, to 52 new super-rich. Of these, 33 came from China.

Continent with most billionaires
Europe is the continent that holds the most billionaires, it appeared that there are 775  billionaires in Europe. They have a combined capital of 2.37 trillion Dollars.

Country with most billionaires
The US is the country with the most Billionaires. The United States has 571 billionaires. In China there are 190, in Britain 130 and in Germany 123 billionaires.

City with most billionaires
In New York are the most billionaires of the world. The big apple has 103. NYC is followed by Russian capital Moscow with 85, Hong Kong that has 82, London has 72 and Beijing is grown to 37.

Total Wealth
The billionaires together own a capital that is twice as large as the size of the whole German economy. The total welth of the billionaires is also higher than the total market value of all companies in the Dow Jones index on the New York Stock Exchange.
The researchers also reported that 81 percent of the billionaires have earned their wealth money with their own effords.

The richest people in the world include Microsoft founder Bill Gates, super investor Warren Buffett, the Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim and the founder of the Spanish clothing retailer Inditex, Amancio Ortega.