Loss on Wall Street

scalability group rising dollar 150x150 Loss on Wall StreetFriday the New York stock exchanges couldn’t give a sequel to the recovery of the previous day and lost further ground. Investors are worried about the recuperating dollar, which puts pressure on the profit prospects of large US companies. Falling oil prices also played tricks on share trading.

Dow-Jones, S&P-500 and Nasdaq
The Dow-Jones index was about 1 percent down at 17 707 points half an hour before closing. The S&P500 fell 0.8 percent to 2,048 points, while the technology barometer Nasdaq fell 0.6 percent to 4862 points.

Before opening of the trading day showed that prices that US manufacturers charge for their products fell unexpectedly last month. Also, a decrease in consumer confidence as it is measured monthly by the University of Michigan, came as a surprise to economists.

IBM, GE, United Technologies, Microsoft, Verizon and UnitedHealth
Only a handful of main funds managed to float. The strongest descender in the Dow was IBM’s technology group with a loss of 2.4 percent. Industry giants General Electric and United Technologies yielded 2.4 and 1.9 percent respectively. Software giant Microsoft rose 0.5 percent. Verizon and UnitedHealth both won 0.1 percent.

A rarity on Wall Street was Herbalife, which was 7.8 percent more worth. According to insiders, the FBI has begun an investigation into investor Bill Ackman and employees of his investment company Pershing Square, which would have manipulated the price of diet products.

Euro, oil
The euro was worth 1.0484 dollars against 1.0510 dollars at the close of European stock markets earlier on Friday. The price of a barrel of US oil fell 4.1 percent to $ 45.13. The Brent price, the benchmark for oil from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, slumped 4.3 percent to $ 54.65 per barrel.