E*TRADE presents 2014 quarterly tracking study results

7419177 s 300x200 E*TRADE presents 2014 quarterly tracking study results

What should you do?

E*Trade tracks experienced investors by using their tracking study Streetwise. The results show a split in views on the market. The terms cautious and optimistic were used most often. Data from the tracking study show that this group is watching their portfolio more intensely than they have done the whole year.

  • 9 out of 10 suggested to keep a close look on your investments
  • Almost 70% will be using their broker account to login during holidays
  • More than 60% review their portfolio on a weekly basis
  • One out of three daily review their portfolio’s

Most experienced investors have moved from a gains strategy (from 53% Q1 to 45% Q3) to a protection strategy (47% Q1 to 55% Q3).

Important remark related to this new strategy is not to react emotionally when the market is very volatile.

E*Trade gives you some tips:

Keep to you goals and plan. Don’t get subtracted by short term fluctuations in the market. Analyse your portfolio mix on a regular basis to make sure your assets allocations match your objectives and risk bandwidth.

Grasp opportunities. Use the cash you don’t need right away, also in declining valuations, to rebalance your portfolio by buying securities.

Diversification is key. Not knowing which direction the market is going forces you to manage against these uncertainties and various market conditions like inflation and volatility. E*Trade suggests considering Managed Account Solutions. These solutions help you to meet your goals. Including solutions to create income, inflation protection or growth objectives.

When you want to know more about E*TRADE or get an account to this trading platform and tools, visit etrade.com.