Again Dow Jones and S&P 500 break records

nasdaq Again Dow Jones and S&P 500 break recordsAfter a final sprint on Friday the US stocks were able close slightly higher. Because of this the Dow Jones Index and the broad S & P 500 again ended at a new record.

Investors were fairly positive, despite mixed reports on the US labor market.

The Dow posted at the end 0.1% higher at 17573.93 points. The S & P rose raised slightly to 2031.92 points. The technology exchange Nasdaq lost 0.1% to 4632.53 points.

Employment in the United States, excluding the agricultural sector, rose last month to 214,000 jobs, according to the US Department of Labor.

Job growth was less than economists had expected. However, the unemployment rate in the US was down to 5.8% of the workforce. Was expected that it would remain unchanged at 5.9%.

Bank of America
The share of Bank of America remained unchanged. The bank made after market close Thursday announced that its results for the third quarter have been adjusted with an additional provision for legal costs that had to make the bank. The financial group is therefore still plunged into the red in the third quarter.

Walt Disney announced on Thursday after market close, that the company made in the past fiscal year a record breaking profit of $ 7.5 billion. The Studio Entertainment division benefited in particular of the success with the popular animated film “Frozen”. Yet the Walt Disney stock dropped by 2.2%.

The share of pharmaceutical Salix Pharmaceuticals plummeted 34% as a result of disappointing quarterly results and outlook. Furthermore, the financial director of Salix resiged. The company is a partner of the Dutch biotechnology company Pharming.

The producer of Internet games Zynga, known from Farmville, rose by 3%, driven by strong quarterly results.

Sears department store jumped up by 31%. The loss-making company is considering selling 200 to 300 stores and then rent it back.

The euro was worth $ 1.2458, against $ 1.2426 at the close in Europe. The price of a barrel of US oil climbed 0.7% to $ 78.47. Brent oil was 0.2% higher at $ 83.01.