Stock Brokerage Account Comparison

The amount of people who are trading stocks making use of an online broker account is growing daily. Online brokers have very powerful tools to analyse the global stock markets. Applying for an online broker account is very easy, but before you sign up for an longterm online broker account it’s very wise to do an online broker compare, to see the differences between the major providers of online broker accounts.

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Broker Account Gifts

Almost all online brokers reward you with a special gift when you open an account. But those gifts aren’t given away that easily. You have to comply to certain conditions. We examined these conditions and have made them available for you to compare.

Secondary Conditions

All online broker account providers apply secondary conditions with lots of legal language and ‘hidden’costs that are not displayed on the main pages of the broker. Because the online broker account secondary conditions are as important as the primary conditions, Online Broker Compare has filtered the most important secondary conditions. We filtered out info and costs that are comparable and generated the online broker comparison charts.